Covid 19 has had a world wide impact on the events industry across the board; from newbies to seasoned pro’s it has been tough, so we have decided to hopefully give some joy to you good people with designing your own lighting show and seeing it come to life. To most this rig is a tiny, little rig, but we are wanting to bless those who will benefit from this with a smile or a light show for your portfolio.

The last date to get your show in is the 10th of April 2021,, Good luck and follow the instructions below.

Step 1: like our Facebook page and Youtube

Step 2: Download the Magic Q show file:

Things to note: We will be using our Chamsys desks and will only be using them on this show. You are more then welcome to use any console of your choosing, but you will need to record the DMX output from your console into MagicQ and submit the MagicQ show file.

DMX Channels:

MagicQ is free to download and use on your computer please follow this link to the Chamsys website:

Ready to Submit? to submit it please email us the show file.

Max one show per designer, you may submit to future shows also. By submitting your show file you agree to the terms and conditions.

Well done! If you have got to here, then sit back and relax, the hard work has been done.

We will be filming your show soon after you have submitted it to us and once the video has been edited we will send you a copy of the video and upload it to our socials!

Keep an eye out on our social media to see the rig being built and many other things we will be doing to the run up of filming the lighting show you have created.

We want to wish you all the best and support through this difficult time, hoping this has brought you some fun and something to show to your colleagues and friends!

See you all soon! – Let the music play and flight cases roll.