Top 5 maximize attendee engagement at your next conference.

By Jess M. March 2024 edition

Finding it challenging to keep delegates off their phones? Looking to build a strong network through in-person conferences?

Here are our top 5 ways to keep delegates from being digitally distracted.

1, What delegates want to hear & see.

Sound obvious, but most people forget subject matter, well matters. By using surveys to gather relevant data on attendees’ preferences is crucial for curating an engaging conference experience. By understanding the subjects and topics that resonate most with the audience, event organisers can tailor the programme to closely align with their interests. This ensures that attendees are presented with content that they find valuable and engaging, increasing the likelihood of them leaving the conference feeling satisfied and keen to return. Surveys act as a powerful tool for gathering insights, enabling organisers to refine every aspect of the event—from keynote speakers to breakout sessions—then fostering a deeper connection between attendees and the conference content.

2, Experience your brand in person

Setting up activation areas and pop-ups for your products is a smart way to get people excited about what you offer. These special areas give folks a chance to try out your products up close and personal. It’s like having a mini-experience with your brand! Plus, it’s a great opportunity to share cool info about your products and services. And guess what? You can even keep track of how people interact with your stuff, so you learn what they like best. It’s like collecting clues on how to make your products even better!

3, Networking & wellness, Let it soak in.

Taking regular breaks during networking and wellness sessions is really important. It gives everyone a chance to chat about what they’ve learned and recharge their batteries. Just like how you need to take breaks when doing homework, breaks during conferences help keep everyone focused and interested. When you come back after a break, you’re ready to learn and listen again. It’s like pressing the reset button on your brain.

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4, Presentation & content

Using lots of pictures and graphics in your presentations is a great idea! Pictures can show what you mean better than words sometimes. And if you need to remember what to say, you can have notes on a screen in front of you. It’s like having a cheat sheet to help you give a great presentation. Making your presentations easy with premade Canva templates can really level up your presentation game. Plus, it helps keep things consistent throughout the conference

5, Break out sessions

Breakout rooms are like special spaces within the conference where attendees can focus on specific topics and interact more closely with speakers. It’s like having a smaller, more intimate gathering within the larger event. This makes the experience feel more authentic and personal. Attendees can ask questions, share ideas, and even get help with their specific problems. It’s like having a mini-conference just for them

Understanding these principles is essential for keeping your delegates engaged throughout your conference.
However, implementation can be challenging, especially when striving for fresh, competitive ideas and managing time effectively. But, we are here to help.

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