Clear and precise audio is the standard we uphold with our sound installations. Orchestras to speeches, nothing is to big or small that we cannot handle.
We use equipment from; Digico, Midas, L Acoustics, Sennheiser and many other brands who are leading in manufacturing the best quality product.
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Audio Hire


Bring the stage to life with your fabulous music being recorded and/or live streamed in high definition to hear every nuance. 
May it crescendo when you leap, soften when you speak and roar when you climb axe! Because music is an emotional artistic tool and we aim to be behind you every step of the way giving you the support you need to create the best recordings.


We stock a wide range of equipment to suit all our clients, big or small. 
To check out our current stock please get in touch for the latest prices. 
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Our inventory consists of equipment from:

L’acoustics such products as Kara II, SB18, X8’s, LA4X and LA12X Amps

Yamaha QL1

Digico 338

Sennheiser G4 Wireless systems

DPA Microphones

Capture Recording